Monday, May 23, 2016

It was just like a Movie, It was just like a Song, oh how this reminds me, of Egg Foo Yung....

Lo mien is a favorite of one of my favorite people in all the world.  It is really a simple dish to make and can be made with a million different ingredients, BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE!!!.  It needs to be simple, just three or four things besides the noodles.

For beef Lo mien you want to cut the meat in thin (about 1/8") slices.  This is easier to do when still a  little frozen.  Cut it against the grain so it will be more tender.  Then marinate it in a little soy sauce and oyster sauce.  About 1/2 cup Oyster and a couple TBS soy per pound of meat.  Sprinkle it with a couple Tbs of Corn Starch and let it "chill" in the fridge while you prepare the rest.

For veggies I always add thin sliced onion and Napa or Chinese cabbage.  You can also add any other veggie that is thinly sliced or julienned.  Carrots, green onions, beansprouts, mushrooms, celery etc.

You can use either dried or fresh lo mien noodles for this.  I prefer fresh but the dried are sooo cheap.  Either way they need to be boiled.  Most packages have cooking times on them.  You want them to be like pasta when serve, al dente, so boil them a little less than that because they will also cook when you combine them in the wok.

Begin by stir frying the meat.  Put a Tbs of peanut oil in the wok at high heat.  As soon as it starts to shimmer, add just enough meat to cover the bottom.  Stir fry it quickly until about half done.  Remove to a bowl and add next batch.  Once all meat is half cooked pour remaining juices in bowl with the meat.  Add about a tsp. of oil to the wok and add harder veggies, (carrots, onions, celery)  Just cook til warmed through but still crispy.  Add the softer veggies.  I add the Napa just before I take it off the heat.  Dump the veggies in with the meat.  Boil the noodle as per instruction. This may need to be done in batches as you should only stir fry about 2 cups at a time.  Put a Tbs of oil in wok on high,  Carefully add noodles from the side.  The wet noodles will cause the oil to splatter.  Stir to keep from sticking.  Add a tsp of soy sauce and cook till al dente and a little charred in places  Add next batch and repeat.  When all are cooked place all ingredients back in wok and cook until heated thru.  Check for seasoning and serve.
 “qǐng màn yòng” 请慢用

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